Empowering youth to change the world with simple technology


Zambia Deployment

Kits were assembled at Fisher Middle School and Windsor United Methodist Church

with the help of Windsor High School Kiwanis club members and the Windsor 4H Club

Windsor project coordinator

Richard Bolman gets trained

Siblings working together

at a Windsor assembly workshop

Windsor High Kiwanis Club members working together

A partnership that represents all the best of

humanitarian efforts via

Rotary International,

United Methodist Church,

Stop Hunger Now,

Mission Touch Ministries, & Lighting for Literacy

in Africa.

The kits are packed in the top 18 inches of shipping containers  with food from Stop Hunger Now

Connie & Dave Keating with Mission Touch Ministries are our distribution point in Zambia

Zambia LFL Team

Solar Panel Installation

Electronics Box Installation

First light ever at a local school

First solar panel in this community

LED energized

Video Summary tells the story--Los Gatos to Windsor to Zambia

In 2013, a young Zambian teen in the Sub-Saharan plain of Africa was found living on the streets after he lost his parents and extended family to disease.  Dave Keating's ministry, who has partnered with Stop Hunger Now and Lighting for Literacy, provided him with food, shelter, and support.  As Dave described to us, this young man had no hope or future.


After receiving LFL and basic electronics training, he went to a local school which had never had electricity or lighting in their classroom.  He installed the compact renewable LFL lighting system, lighting up their classroom, and he became their local hero, role model and champion for change.


The life of a young man with no hope or future . . .

transformed hopes and futures with a simple act of learning and giving!

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