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Ghana Deployment

Rae Williams of Los Gatos Morning Rotary helped
extend LFL's reach to Akim Tairu Orphanage in Ghana

Project partners: Rotary International, Los Gatos Union School District
(Silicon Valley STEM project), Akim Tairu Orphanage.
The Tairu Family Orphanage benefits 26 homeless children who have found refuge and a well lit home.  Akim Tairu lives here in the United States and visits his mother in Ghana who runs the orphanage.  They walk the streets of Accra, Ghana, and rescue homeless children to give them a better place to eat, sleep and learn.
Kits assembled at Fisher Middle School are ready for shipment
Ghana project partners Doug McNeil, Rae Williams, Akim Tairu
Emily Augustine
Assembling the solar panel
Solar Panel Installation
Electronics Box Installation
Special Thanks from the Children of the Tairu Orphanage in Africa to the Students of Los Gatos Fisher Middle School and Morning Rotary for
"Lighting up Accra Ghana"

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