Lighting For


Empowering youth to change the world with simple technology. 

Lighting for literacy

Empowering youth to change the world with simple technology

The Problem

1.5 billion people (20% of the world's population!) have no light after the sun sets.


One-third of their pay goes toward kerosene or candles. Kerosene in particular releases toxic particulates into their homes and creates a fire hazard.


Opportunities for learning and literacy are lost when the sun sets.

Who We are

Through the exploration of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), students learn how to build sustainable, renewable lighting systems capable of providing 3-4 hours of evening light to homes without electricity.


Lighting for Literacy's goal is to engage local youth in building and improving the units that will be installed throughout the world.


Collaborative partnerships demonstrate how practical science (STEM) can benefit communities.


Middle and high school STEM curriculum developed teaching students what simple, renewable technology can do to improve the living conditions for others.


By creating solutions in underserved communities, our youth experience "Service Above Self."

about us

What we do

Through the exploration of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), middle and high school students learn how to build sustainable renewable lighting systems for installation in off-grid communities.


These sustainable, renewable lighting systems then enable students in underserved countries to advance their educations while giving students here the opportunity to experience "service above self."

Emphasizing Science, Sustainability and Service Above Self, Lighting for Literacy's ultimate goal is to empower our next generation of humanitarians to make the world a better place.


Our Members

Doug McNeil


Jesse Salem


Enabling our youth to create a technology that provides opportunities for literacy and education is really the KEY to the future.

--Co-founders Doug McNeil & Jesse Salem

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